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Practical Remote Car Starters

Control your car from your phone with a smart remote car starter from MR. T AUTO CRAFT COMPANY in Dayton, Ohio. Smart starts are two way units that include a LED or LCD screen that confirms if the car started or not. These remotes are used to lock and unlock your car. We offer different car starters with different ranges, some of which work up to a mile away using Digital Spread Spectrum Technology (SST). All of Mr. T's different starters have a lifetime warranty. Our remote car starter can also be added with security. 
SUV - Remote Car Starter

Outsmart the Weather

Winter in Ohio can get very cold. Start your car from your home, office, or wherever you are on those freezing days. Your car will be warm, comfortable, and safe to drive before you get in, as it can also defrost the windows. During the summer, it can also start the air conditioning before you get in. 

Plain Car Security

Our alarm systems are perfect for simple security needs. They will flash lights and play an alarm to bring attention to your car. Alarms and starters are also a safety feature because you can turn the lights on before you get to the car. At MR. T's we also provide keyless entry and wheel protection. Our security and safety technologies include: 

• Car Alarms
• Remote Starters
• GPS Car Navigation
• Portable Navigation

• Backup Cameras



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